What a good day to be a quarter century on a throwback Thursday. Happy Birthday to my yang, my mirror reflection, the double dragons, aka my twin brobro and of course myself. I hope for you to only be successful in the near future in whatever you do and stop being lazy like as if you were still in the womb 9 minutes after me.. Anywho finna get turnt up this weekend :DΒ 
And once again you can have fun figuring out who’s who in the collage.Β 
Also thanking my parents for making two cute chanks don’t cha think.Β πŸ˜„

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#teamlightskin #igettorentcarswithoutfees #gettingdamnold

It was only a week ago today when we got the devastating news. She’s definitely up there with grandpa now and no more suffering for you. Everybody and nurses/caretakers loved her. If there was such a thing she would get the cutest grandma award lol. May you rest in peace. Love you grandma!

Y’all playin but we don’t play. #gunplay #pewpew #crazyasianstheythinkin #sundayfunday (at Delta Arsenal LLC)

Got stuck babysitting a bit with my fave cuties. Baby Bella n baby Carson πŸ‘Ά. #theysayimteadybutimreallynot #Teamlightskin #instadaily (at TBD Lounge)

Girl you’re my reflection. #wcw (at The Beer Garden)


My boo boos #theynotlooking (at Water Country)

Bae n i at Khmer charity event #srirachanhoison #instacouple #buzzed #1738

Fat Tuesday doe (at Fat Tuesday)

After a few hour drive in this scorching weather we are here. Our first time here together 😊 (at Bellagio Las Vegas)

Relaxin and doing wine tasting today. Our tour guide Zack. 🍷🍞😁 (at Miramonte Winery)

Chris brown annual roller skate charity. I wanna guess this is Tyga’s whip correct me if I’m wrong lol. (at Moonlight Rollerway)

Checkin kbbq off the list. Friendly and cool ass workers here. #turntup (at Genwa Korean BBQ - Mid Wilshire)


It was a fun day at Universal. From the studio tour to the almost two hour wait for Transformers 3D show 😏. But well worth it the weather was amazing. Good times wit my bebe. (at Universal Studios Hollywood)

After LA traffic nightmare finally gotten brunch. Downtown LA at Grand Central Market we found this place. The fairfax breakfast was gooot. I’d Recommend it. Off to Universal! (at Eggslut)

Late night #LACMA 🎨 (at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum Of Art & The La Brea Tar Pits)