#selfie #latepost

Nom nom nom. Got a shake this time. 🍔🍟🍴 (at The Shake Shack)

Didn’t know a place like this existed omg 😛💦 #foodporn #buffalomac (at Mac N’ Out Macaroni & Cheese)

Can’t believe it has already been a year. Miss you a lot! We never forget about you. Happy Khmer New Years Ta and I know you’re up there keeping yourself busy like you’d always be doing. Missing your lectures/stories being told and you calling me for my help about anything technical. Love you!

Happy Khmer New Years from us! 😄. Currently turnt up right now! (at Wonderland Ballroom)

Better late than never. My #WCW 😘 #erryday #demteefsdoe 😍

This shit lmao 😂 #yeet #UCONN #goodmorning

Hotpot cravings fulfilled 😍 (at Shabu Zen)

Brain food. First time getting lunch at the school cafe ever since I first transferred here lull. Catfish for entree 👌.. But my fav is the large parfait! (at University of New Haven - Buckman Hall)

LAN party at Teddy Dr. doe

Shake it like a Polaroid pichaa. #mybebe (at Kings)


Waiting for our lane to open up. (at Kings)

Thai food for lunch with the older coworkers. Red Curry w/ fried duck and rice. So damn gooot. (at Siam Valee)

Haven’t seen my buddy ol pal Sokey Dos in so long! His 6th birthday. My camborican! Love this kid.

Dope cake made by @marggie11 for Sokey’s bday! Not the hulk hands doe lolol.