It was soo yeezy. 😉😛

#selfie #latepost

Nom nom nom. Got a shake this time. 🍔🍟🍴 (at The Shake Shack)

Didn’t know a place like this existed omg 😛💦 #foodporn #buffalomac (at Mac N’ Out Macaroni & Cheese)

Can’t believe it has already been a year. Miss you a lot! We never forget about you. Happy Khmer New Years Ta and I know you’re up there keeping yourself busy like you’d always be doing. Missing your lectures/stories being told and you calling me for my help about anything technical. Love you!

Happy Khmer New Years from us! 😄. Currently turnt up right now! (at Wonderland Ballroom)

Better late than never. My #WCW 😘 #erryday #demteefsdoe 😍

This shit lmao 😂 #yeet #UCONN #goodmorning

Hotpot cravings fulfilled 😍 (at Shabu Zen)

Brain food. First time getting lunch at the school cafe ever since I first transferred here lull. Catfish for entree 👌.. But my fav is the large parfait! (at University of New Haven - Buckman Hall)

LAN party at Teddy Dr. doe

Shake it like a Polaroid pichaa. #mybebe (at Kings)


Waiting for our lane to open up. (at Kings)

Thai food for lunch with the older coworkers. Red Curry w/ fried duck and rice. So damn gooot. (at Siam Valee)

Haven’t seen my buddy ol pal Sokey Dos in so long! His 6th birthday. My camborican! Love this kid.